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Mediation has been chosen as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Hong Kong for more than 10 years.  In particular, it has been widely adopted for resolving disputes in large-scale infrastructure projects, such as the Airport Core Projects.  In recent years, the government has determined to further develop mediation services to resolve civil disputes in Hong Kong, and will work closely with the mediation community and other stakeholders so as to foster a mediation-friendly environment and enhance the requisite infrastructure.  In June 2012, the Legislative Council passed the Mediation Ordinance (Cap. 620) which was operative in early 2013. In addition, a single, non-statutory, industry-led accreditation body for mediators, the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (‘HKMAAL’), was established in August 2012 to discharge both accreditation and disciplinary functions for mediators in Hong Kong.

Mediation is particularly useful in resolving disputes in construction projects which normally, involve many parties including developers, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and other stakeholders.  Often, these parties would have their own concerns and disputes are likely to remain unresolved if parties persist in their own legal rights.  By adopting various mediation skills and the mediation process, the parties would be communicated in an effective and efficient manner.  With the assistance of a mediator, the parties would have a better understanding of their cases and would understand their cases from different perspectives.  The mediator would reinforce common objectives and grounds between the parties while they would be stimulated to explore and generate mutually acceptable win-win options to resolve their disputes.

Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (‘HKICM’), being a professional institution in construction management, has started to promote, develop and encourage the use of mediation as an effective dispute resolution mechanism in settling construction disputes by setting up its own Mediation Scheme and providing mediation services to its members and the general public since 2010. Upon establishment of the HKMAAL, HKICM has been admitted as a Corporate Member of the Association since 30 May 2014.

Currently, there are a total of 32 members of HKICM being enlisted on the HKMAAL List of Accredited Construction Mediators. Within the HKICM List of Accredited Mediators (the “List”), there are many qualifying accredited mediators who are not only experienced in the construction field, but also have other qualifications such as Professor, Barrister, Construction Manager, Building and Quantity Surveyor, Building and Civil Engineer, etc. The mediators included on the List would normally provide mediation services on a commercial basis under our “Mediation Scheme” (see enclosure below for details) to qualified cases related to the construction industry.  As one of the leading institutes for the local construction professionals, the aim for HKICM is to promote a harmonized environment for parties involved in the construction industry by providing mediation services across the industry, especially for the main contractors and sub-contractors.

For main contractors, they are advised to include a mediation clause in their contracts with sub-contractors.  From the perspective of the sub-contractors, they are advised to take proactive action to resolve their problems by seeking a suitable HKICM Accredited Mediator at the earlier stage of any disagreement with their counterpart in order to minimize any further misunderstanding in the event of potential disputes.

Mediators on the HKICM List of Accredited Mediators are ready to give their helping hands on cases to be referred from the HKICM members, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, public and other stakeholders.

For enquires over the HKICM Mediation Scheme and provision of mediation services, please feel free to call on the Secretariat Office on (852) 2523 2081 or send emails to

   HKICM Mediation Scheme 2019


HKICM List of Accredited Mediators

(Enlisted on HKMAAL List of Accredited Construction Mediators) 
(As at: 23 Aug 2021)

Name of Mediator

Contact details Profession



Battersby John Richard Phillip 9034 9802 Quantity Surveyor
Chan Hon Wan, Edwin 2766 5800 Professor
Chan Kan Ip, Philip 6875 4898 Arbitrator & Mediator
Chan Siu Hong, Honby 9023 5755 Surveyor / Engineer / Project Manager
Cheung Ka Leung 9577 9977 Member of HKICM
Cheung Man Kit 6228 5033 Estimating & Procurement Manager
Chow Kwok Yiu 9628 7992 Engineer
Fong Ping Sum 9017 2630 Quantity Surveyor
Fu Kwok Kwan 9779 3814 Construction
Ho Man Cheung 9300 9745 Professional Quantity Surveyor
Ip Shu Kin, Patrick 8209 2620 Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor
Kan Kwok Kit 9603 0353 Registered Professional Engineer
Kwan Chuen-kin, Peter 9491 3778 Registered Professional Engineer
Kwok Kim Sang, Evenlyn 9313 6857 Professional Quantity Surveyor
Lai Kwok-kin, Patrick 9097 0171 RPE / Registered Energy Assessor / Project Manager
Lam Chi Wah 9640 9432 Chartered Surveyor
Lee Chun Fat 9306 3177 Building Surveyor
Lee Colin Bernard 9473 2165 Quantity Surveyor
Leung Hai Ming, Raymond 9018 8866 Engineering
Lo Kar Yin, Betty 9368 0481 Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Project and Construction Management
Ng So Kuen 9425 7887 Surveyor
Ng Wai Hung, Henry 6011 6670 Building Maintenance
Siu Wing Yan, Winston 9199 9955 Mediator / Trainer / Assessor / Board Chairman of Company
Tang Chi Wang 9874 5936 Building Surveyor
Tsang Ping Chiu, Paco 9612 2819 Resident Engineer
Tse Chi Kin 6682 9165 Building Surveyor
Tse Chi Wai, Eric 9224 2126 Quantity Surveyor
Wong Ching Lok, Christopher 9489 9128 Building Surveyor
Wong King 9098 8907 Barrister / Civil Engineer / Builder / CPA
Wong Wai Tung 9319 4393 Engineer
WONG Yat Long, Kenny 9556 5695 Surveyor / Project Management Consultant 
Yeung Sin Kai, Eddie 9155 1590 Engineer
Remarks: The title “Cr” is an abbreviation of and pronounced as ‘Construction Manager’.

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