President’s Message

President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

We are pleased to share the joy of the 26th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR of the People’s Republic of China.

In view of the latest national growth policy, we have deployed plans to capitalize on the opportunities brought by the Greater Bay Area development. A day trip to visit the MIC manufacturing plant, AluHouse 鋁遊家 in Zhaoqing 大灣區肇慶高新區was made on 6 May. Furthermore, a dedicated 3-Day exploratory delegation to GBA was organised on 15-17 Jun.

We are thrilled to share with you that two memorandums of collaboration have been signed during the GBA tour. The first one is an implementation addendum with 廣東省土木建築學會 on會員互認協議. The signing of the cooperation agreement this time is an important measure for the Institute to accelerate the official recognition of Construction Manager in Mainland China. It is worth mentioning that the signing ceremony has been witnessed by the 中聯辦 (Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong), and 廣東省科学技術協会.

The second agreement is the 人才協同發展合作夥伴框架協定 signed with廣州南沙經濟技術開發區人才發展局. The agreement aims to strengthen the mutual recognition of professional qualifications in the construction field between Nansha and Hong Kong, attract more outstanding construction managers to work in Nansha, and promote the mutual integration of talents from the two places.

We have formally introduced our professional adjudication services in Hong Kong following the publication of the adjudication rules, codes of conducts and relevant templates in accordance with the Security of Payment Provisions (SOPP) regime as set out in HK Government’s SOPP in Public Works Contracts. And we look forward to serving the industry better by HKICM accredited adjudicators.

Apart from that, we have concluded the review of our professional membership assessment. It’s been resolved by the General Council to implement a competence-based assessment effective from September 2023. We are confident that the forthcoming assessment process will cater for the growing demand for construction management qualifications and facilitate professional conversions in meeting industry needs.

Our CPD workshops continued to feature the most popular topics in applying technologies, design for safety in construction, temporary works management, and building information modelling (BIM), to keep attendees abreast of the latest trends in the industry. Past events include site visit to MiC mock-up for Tonkin Street Redevelopment (first private project to adopt MiC), seminar on fire services installations and their roles played in the FS / OP inspection, workshop on management of contract and payment disputes under SOP, and the forthcoming seminar on corruption prevention in administration of NEC target contracts. We’re rolling out additional online and offline events in coming months – check them out and register now!

External relations, we hosted a sharing session with 深圳市工程項目管理協會 (Shenzhen Construction Project Management Association), led by their President Mr Zhao Xu-lai, Party Secretary Mr Li Zai-xing and Executive Secretary Mr Chen Hai-qiang. We also welcomed Mr Andrew Evans, CICES President, Mr Simon Hamlyn, CEO, and Mr Daniel Sum, Chairman of CICES-Hong Kong Region at HKICM headquarters. It was a fruitful meeting for HKICM, SCPMA and CICES representatives to exchange views on issues such as industry development, manpower needs, nurturing young talents, innovation and technology development.

We also have a fruitful discussion with Buildings Department on 31 May to advance RCM/RCS professional quality assurance in view of soaring concern on construction site safety and management. It is our firm belief that deployment of RCM/RCS is the utmost solution considering the mounting complexity of construction management in a technology driven context.

Our Council Members and Co-opted Members attended a bespoke media training presented by our media consultant on 27 May. This highly interactive learning program on effective communication and interviewing skills is extremely helpful in upskilling Councillors to handle external affairs on behalf of the Institute. Last but not the least, we have been proceeding well with our biennial joint conference with HKCA. We will immerse audience with the theme [ 建築人 何去何從?] and uncover what is behind technology empowerment as we drive through the construction expressway.

We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Best wishes,

Cr MANG KA-wing, Terence

3rd July 2023

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