President’s Message

President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope you have an enjoyable celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR of the People’s Republic of China.

It’s been a promising progress for our collaboration with 廣東省土木建築學會 by converting further nine of their senior professional members to be HKICM 大灣區會員 via the reciprocated direct entry platform. We will continue to expand connection with professional institutions in Mainland China, and ride on the success.

We’re absolutely delighted that we have been invited by University College of Estate Management (UCEM) to be the Guest of Honour for their 105th Anniversary Reception Dinner in Hong Kong on 12 Jun 2024. I was thrilled to deliver a keynote speech on Construction Manager in Sustainable Construction. Besides the opportunity to connect and make acquaintances new and old, we are pleased that the wider HKICM profession has been well-regarded.

We were also grateful for having an opportunity to meet with Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Ir Chun-kit LAU, Ricky, JP on 25 April. Permanent Secretary LAU gave an enlightening overview of initiatives advanced by the Bureau, covering design for safety, construction cost control, manpower shortage and declining productivity, application of innovative construction methods and technologies, combating climate change and land development etc. Constructive dialogues were made between us. On behalf of the Bureau, Ir Lau has given a high regard on HKICM works and pledged to progress mutual initiatives to resolve key issues and future challenges of construction industry.

We have conducted a survey on Authorized Persons (AS) duties and responsibilities in view of the 28 March 2024 Circular “Qualified Supervision of Building Works Involving Mobile Plants and Tower Cranes by Adopting Smart Site Safety System” by Buildings Department. We have presented the result to the Department and listed some problems exposed by the proposed amendments. One of the key findings is that inadequate understanding and knowledge, misconception of the intention could also hinder the promotion of a better safety culture and implementation.

The 13th intake for our all-time favourite Elite Extended Course “Final Preparation for Authorized Signatory Interview” will be held on 27 July. This half day power packed workshop, in partnership with Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA), is highly regarded by attendees as an informative and vibrant session to prepare for the success in AS interview. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain actionable insights from veteran AS via interactive review and mock interviews.

Besides, we attended a commentary program by i-Cable TV on the imminent Security of Payment Legislation for the Construction Industry. We observed the intention of the legislation and explored how policy support can enhance the industry ecosystem and its economic ramifications for the benefit of the society.

Marking an exciting new chapter in our long-standing relationship, we are excited to present our new certificate for construction supervisors in partnership with Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC). This upskilling course will be launched soon with instalments on how to create a safety culture and deal with people behaviour. It aims to equip front line practitioners with the latest technological knowledge & mindset to tackle the challenges posed by the rapidly changing construction sites and ensure the resilience of efficiency and safety. We are also confident that this will accelerate and align our efforts in attracting individuals with relevant experience into the industry.

In addition, we are pleased to support Hong Kong Lo Pan Kwong Yuet Tong 香港魯班廣悅堂成立暨魯班先師廟建基140周年活動. This year, we will present achievement awards to 優秀工匠魯班獎, 青年魯班及少年魯班選舉, and organize a public forum 魯班文化研討會. Thought leaders from different professional disciplines will share their precious knowledge and experience to industry practitioners on Lo Pan culture legacy and succession.

We would also like to shine a spotlight on our table tennis team. They had achieved good results this year and won 3 champions, one 2nd runner-up and one 3rd runner-up in the Construction Industry Council 2024 Table Tennis Tournament sponsored by CISVP of CIC. We aim to offer our members a wide array of sports and recreational options such as running, basketball and football.

The preparation of the 5th CMA cum 27th Anniversary Dinner are progressing well. This year, we are thrilled to extend our recognition to include Civil Projects apart from Building Projects. The highly anticipated Award honors and showcase the dedication and accomplishments of construction management teams and professionals in Hong Kong. My special thanks to Ms YU Po Mei, Clarice, JP, Director of Buildings, Buildings Department and Mr Michael FONG, JP, Director of Civil Engineering & Development, Civil Engineering & Development Department as Head Juror of building and civil projects respectively.

We thank you for your continued support and have a great second half of the year.


Best wishes,

Cr Terence MANG

2nd July 2024

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