Journals & Technical Papers

Budgeting and Cost Control for Historic Buildings
BOT 與 PPP 項目融資法律風險及防範
Development of Sustainability Building Index in Hong Kong
Comparison of Construction Safety Performance of Local Chinese and Ethnic Minority Workers
‘Overloading’ Angle Eyed in Lift Plunge Probe
Who’s Going To Pay
How the QS can Create Values in the Procurement of Construction Works in Hong Kong
Collaborative Integrated Project Team – A New Approach to Project Delivery
The Changing Landscape of the Hong Kong Construction Industry
SMILE – SMC: A Contractor Development Initiative – With Benefits for All of Us
Job Burnout among Construction Professionals in Hong Kong
New Rules on Establishing Construction Project Services Enterprises in China
Does Adjudication Spell the Death of Mediation?
Document Requirements Attributed to ISO 9000 – Based Quality Management Systems
Anatomy of A Sustaibable Building in Hong Kong
A Brief Overview of Liquidated Damages under the Laws of the Mainland

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