Membership Classes

Graduate Class

Eligibility for Admission or Transfer

Candidates seeking admission to the Graduate Class of membership shall:

  • be at least of 18 years of age;
  • have obtained an accredited honours degree or an acceptable equivalent qualification in a recognized construction discipline;
  • graduated within the last ten years.

Application Procedure​

Any Candidate desirous of being admitted as a Graduate shall sign and deliver to the Honorary Secretary an application in the form prescribed by the General Council signed by their Employer.

Membership Application Form

Fees and Subscriptions​

The current application, transfer, re-instatement and annual subscription fees are detailed in Section 7 of Membership Handbook.

An applicant for election to the Graduate Class must submit, together with the application, the election application fee and the subscription fee. The subscription fee will only be charged by the Institute upon the successful election of the applicant. The election application fee, however, is non-refundable.

An applicant for transfer from the Student Class to the Graduate Class must submit, together with the application, the non-refundable transfer application fee

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