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In resolving construction or engineering disputes which usually involve complicated technical issues, the general practice is that the court or arbitral tribunal and/or parties involved in the dispute, may seek assistance from construction professionals to identify, understand such technical issues and even adjudicate such technical disputes.
To cope with the increasing use of Expert Witnesses in construction dispute cases, HKICM has compiled a List of Expert Witnesses to provide expert witness services to our members and the public.


The motto of the List is to represent the common interests and to enhance the reputation and/or standard of HKICM members who want to practice as an expert.

Qualifications for Inclusion on HKICM List of Expert Witnesses

To be included on the List, applicants are required to have:

  1. 7 years of professional experience after qualified as a Corporate Member of the Institute or 10 years of adequate professional experience, out of which 3 years post qualification experience as a corporate member of the Institute;
  2. Satisfactorily completed all five sessions with full attendance; and
  3. Satisfactorily passed in a peer interview in the special areas of expertise claimed by the applicant.


For enquires over the application for inclusion in the HKICM List of Expert Witnesses, please feel free to call on the Secretariat on (852) 2523 2081 or send emails to

HKICM List of Expert Witnesses


Details of Expert Witness



Tel No.


1.CrCHAN Siu-hong, Honby9023
2.CrHAU Tung-chow, Andi9836
3.Cr DrHO Chi-ming9348
4.CrHO Man-cheung, David9300
5.CrKO Chun-wa, Johnason9822
6.CrKWAN Chuen-kin, Peter9491
7.Cr Dr.LEUNG Hai-ming, Raymond9018
8.CrLO Kar-yin, Betty9368
9.CrNG Yau-yee, Peter9043
10.CrTANG Chi-wang9874
11.CrTSE Hung-cheung, Peter6688
12.CrWONG King2525
13.CrYIU Yuk-cheung, Danny9092

Remarks: The title “Cr” is an abbreviation of and pronounced as ‘Construction Manager’.

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