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Advertising Opportunities

Want to promote your brand, service or product to a very targeted market, the construction management community in Hong Kong? The HKICM membership, with nearly 3,093 members, covers a variety of construction-related fields or sectors and predominantly veteran construction practitioners at management level or above. You can reach this audience through our different promotional channels that suit your marketing purposes, including on the website, in print media and in person. Corporate Affiliates could exclusively enjoy attractive preferential rates!

Below is a list of opportunities for which we currently offer advertising and sponsorship options.

(I) Website Promotional Banner

HKICM website provides an excellent marketing channel to reach our members and the public alike. Promotional banners are displayed at right hand side of the Home Page, the most visited page of HKICM website. Every time the website is viewed, promotional banners are displayed randomly from the pool of all ads. The ad can be linked directly to your organization website, profile or specific link, and it is an instant but cost effective way to reach your potential clients!

Why HKICM Website?

Hong Kong's only local construction management professional body

Nearly 3,400 members with around 1,250 being corporate members (including Fellows and Members), HKICM is the only local professional body representing the construction management professionals in Hong Kong.

Major online platform for construction management community

The HKICM website receives around 3,500 visits per month with an average of 12,000 page views. It is widely used by our members, who are mostly construction practitioners of managerial grade or above serving in a variety of construction related fields or sectors, to view and book HKICM events as well as to access update information and resources in the construction management community.

Instant and cost effective

Website promotional banner offers an instant, efficient and cost effective means of marketing and promotion. In addition, HKICM also provides a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for organizations to reach their audiences via both online and offline means.

Promotional Opportunities Offered

Promotional Banners (Ad Spaces A)


Home Page (
(Promotional banner spaces are located on the bottom of the Home Page as shown below)

Rates (effective from 1 October 2016)


1 month

3 months

6 months

12 months

Ad Space A

Corporate Affiliate Rate (HK$)





Non-Affiliate Rate (HK$)







  1. Promotional banner will be flashed and rotated in every 5 seconds randomly with hyperlink to the organization’s website, profile or specific link, and is subject to the availability of banner space.
  2. Artwork for banner space will be provided by the advertiser.


Banner SpacePixel SizeFile Type
Ad Space A816 x 629jpeg file


  1. HKICM has absolute discretion in the admission of applications from potential advertisers and the right in ad space allocation.
  2. Potential advertisers are requested to submit preliminary information on promotional materials (including hyperlink) for HKICM’s screening.
  3. An email notification and invoice will be sent by HKICM upon approval for the screening.
  4. Cheque should be made payable to “Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers”. Applications will be accepted on first-come first-served basis.
  5. The final design of promotional materials (including banner ad and hyperlink to be provided by advertiser) should be delivered to HKICM at least 5 working days prior to the ad posting.
  6. Confirmation will only be made upon receipt of full payment and it takes 2 working days to proceed for ad posting


Please complete and return the On-line Promotion Order Form to the Secretariat Office via email: For any enquiries, please call the Secretariat Office at Tel: (852) 2523 2081.

(II) Newsletter Advertising or Insertion

HKICM Newsletter, a key communication channel between the Institute and its members, covers articles on construction-related issues and topics, latest information and development of the construction industry and up-to-date news about HKICM events and activities.

The Newsletter, basically published on quarterly basis with a monthly circulation totals of around 2,500 copies, is distributed free of charge to all HKICM members, corporate affiliates, construction-related institutions and association as well as relevant government departments. Readers of the HKICM Newsletter are mainly construction practitioners working in a wide range of field, including contractors, consultants, civil servants and academics.

Advertise by making your advertisement a part of our Newsletter. We provide proficient advertising and marketing packages to suit our advertisers’ needs, including: 

  • Display Advertisements – Advertise in the Newsletter and choose from the many different advertising plans we offer to suit your needs.
  • Newsletter Inserts – A fast and cost-effective way to distribute promotional leaflets and literature to a targeted and selected audience.

Display Advertisements

Advertising Rates (HK$ per placement)

Advertisement SizeCorporate AffiliateNon-Affiliate
Full PageFull Cover (4C)Back Cover$6,000$7,500
Inside Front$5,500$6,750
Inside back$5,500$6,750
Inside Page$5,000$6,250
1/2 PageFull Cover (4C)Back Cover$4,000$5,000
Inside Page$3,000$3,750

Material Requirements & Specifications

Printing Film  –  Film: positive emulsion side down with progressive proof for full colour (4C)
  –  Screen line: 175dpi
Soft Copy  –  Accept most graphics and DTP softwares (e.g. QuarkXpress, PageMaker,  FreeHand and           Illustrator, etc.
  –  Native copy with all support sources files or
  –  Image file, 100% scaling, ≥ 300 dpi (in format, e.g. JPRG, EPS, TIF, AI)
DimensionsFull PageTrimmed    210 mm (W) x 297 mm (H)
Bleed    Trimmed + 3 mm all-round
Non-Bleed    190 mm (W) x 277 mm (H)
1/2 PagePortrait    90 mm (W) x 277 mm (H)
Landscape    190 mm (W) x 135 mm (H)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Contents of the advertisement must be approved by the HKICM.
  2. The Institute reserves the right to accept or decline any advertising materials submitted.
  3. The Institute will not be responsible for errors in advertisements.
  4. Cancellation of advertising placements will not be accepted after confirmation.
  5. The decision of HKICM will be final and we reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.

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