Corporate Affiliate

Benefits of Affiliation

As a Corporate Affiliate, you can access the benefits and services of HKICM that will (i) bring increase exposure to your organization and promote your business, service or product to targeted and pre-qualified construction practitioners in Hong Kong (see below for details of HKICM Membership Profile), (ii) give you access to the latest information and development, technologies and products of the construction industry, and (iii) provide you with invaluable advertising, sponsorship and networking opportunities.

HKICM Membership Profile

HKICM is the only local professional institution representing the construction management profession in Hong Kong. Established in 1997, the Institute presently has nearly 3,173 members, with around 1,194 corporate members who are mainly construction practitioners of managerial level or above serving in a variety of construction-related fields or sectors.

(i) By Membership Class

(ii) By Employment Organization Category

Corporate Affiliate Pie Chart 02

(iii) By Job Position

Corporate Affiliate Pie Chart 03

Exclusive Privileges

(I) 2 Representatives from each Corporate Affiliate

 Each Corporate Affiliate can designate and register up to 2 representatives to receive HKICM correspondences, including e-news, flyers, notifications, newsletters and publications of the Institute on a periodical basis.

(II) Participation in HKICM Organized Activities and Events

Each Corporate Affiliate can nominate any 2 employees from the same organization to attend events and activities organized by HKICM at member rates, including conferences, training courses, CPD events and technical visits, etc.

(III) Free Listing of Organization Name and Logo

Free listing of the Corporate Affiliate’s organization name (embed with hyperlink to its own website or profile) and logo (optional and to be provided by the Corporate Affiliate) on the “Corporate Affiliate Directory” Section of HKICM website.

In addition, organization name and logo could also be shown on the “Promotional Banner Space D” on the homepage (shared promotional banner space which rotates in every 5 seconds randomly with hyperlink to the organization’s own website, profile or specific link) at a concessionary rate of HK$2,000 per annum.

(IV) Complimentary Promotional E-mail Blasts

Corporate Affiliates are entitled to send 2 complimentary promotional e-mail blasts to the HKICM membership database per annum at no additional charge.

(V) Priority Enrolment

Corporate Affiliates will be given priority notification and enrolment of any participation in or sponsorship arisen from different events and activities organized by the Institute.

Additional Benefits & Services

(I) On-line Promotion on HKICM Website

Promotional banner spaces are available to Corporate Affiliates at discounted rates to showcase their organization name and logo as well as other events, sales and special promotions on the shared promotional banner spaces on the homepage of HKICM website. Click《here》for more details and rates!

(II) Newsletter Advertising / Insertion

Corporate Affiliates can, by paying a concessionary rate only, advertise by making their advertisement a part of the HKICM newsletter, a key communication channel between the Institute and its members. HKICM provide proficient advertising, promotion and marketing packages to suit our advertisers’ needs, including display advertisements in HKICM newsletter and/or newsletter inserts. Click《here》for more details and rates!.

(III) Direct Mailing and E-mail Blast

You can reach out to HKICM members by our direct mailing and e-mail blast services. It is a fast and cost-effective way to distribute sales promotion and marketing messages, including promotional flyers, leaflets and organization or product brochures, through our member-to-member direct mailing or e-mail blast reaching nearly 2,100 mailing or e-mail addresses. Priority of this promotional channel is given to Corporate Affiliates and availability is limited. Our direct mailing packaged service includes address label printing, label affixation, mail posting and postal handling. However, the client is expected to produce, supply and pack the material into envelope for mailing while postage to be added as specified by the Post Office. Direct Mailing and E-mail Blast Rates
Type of Service Corporate Affiliate (HK$)
Non- Affiliate
  Direct         Mailing   To All Members $2,800/mailing $3,500/ mailing   1.   DM < 2 x A4 sheets 2.   Postage to be added as specified by the Post Office
  To All Corporate       Members only $2,400/ mailing $3,000/mailing
  E-mail Blast   (To All Members) $2,000/blast $2,500/blast   * To be used within 1 year period
$5,000/3 blasts* $6,250/3 blasts*

To place an order, please fill out the《Advertising & Services Order Form》below:

(IV) Job Postings Service

Construction related job placements are posted in HKICM website for members’ reference. Corporate Affiliates are welcome to post their internal vacancies in the Job Postings Section of our website. Should you be interested to post a job placement, please click《here》for more information and rates!

(V) Sponsorship Opportunities

HKICM organizes events such as anniversary dinner, awards presentation ceremony, conference, training, seminar and social gathering for our members and non-members. We welcome sponsorship support from interested parties to participate in our events and different sponsorship options will be offered:

  • Acknowledgement and logo recognition in event marketing materials and venue
  • Advertising opportunities in event marketing materials, publications and website
    Complimentary tables/seats and souvenir sponsorship of the event
  • Presentation opportunities in the event, etc.

For enquiries of details, please contact the Secretariat Office at Tel: (852) 2523 2081

(VI) Technology/Product Promotion Seminar

For organizations who are interested in promoting their business, service, new technology or product, we can provide assistance in organizing the relevant CPD talk or seminar to members conducted at HKICM Conference Room in Central area. The administration charge will be HK$3,000 per event, inclusive of rental cost of venue and e-mail blast service to all members. To place an order, please fill out the《Advertising & Services Order Form》(Word / PDF) here!

(VII) Professional and Networking Opportunities

HKICM organizes a variety of networking events regularly which allow affiliated organizations to participate in creative dialogues, exchange of information and experiences with lots of construction professionals. Attendance at the events is the single most cost-effective method to meet construction professionals. Corporate Affiliates receive substantial discounts on registration fees for these events.

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