Membership Classes

Construction Supervisor Class


In order to widen the scope for the professional development needs of front line building professionals, the Institute admits Construction Supervisor Members so as to motivate construction site staff through systematic site management training and Continuing Professional Development activities provided by the Institute.

Eligibility for Admission or Transfer

To become a Construction Supervisor Member of the Institute, whether by way of Direct Entry or Transfer, a Candidate must:

  • be at least of 18 years of age; and
  • be a Certificate or Diploma holder of a recognized examining body (e.g. CIC, IVE or equivalent) in a recognized subject; and
  • (a) have at least one years of recognized working experience in the HKSAR; or
    (b)   (1)   be a Student Member of the Institute for at least one year; and
            (2)   have completed CPD training for not less than 10 CPD hours (either organized or accredited by the Institute) during the year; and
            (3)   engaged with a construction company on confirmed status; and
  • have adequate knowledge in safety supervision, workmanship and quality control in the relevant subject areas as recognized by the HKICM.

The Technical Competence Interview

Candidates seeking admission to the class of Construction Supervisor membership are required to attend an Interview to ascertain his/her relevant working experience, awareness of duties and responsibilities as a construction supervisor.

The Interview will be conducted by a Panel of Professional Interviewers delegated by the General Council for the purpose, an admitted Construction Supervisor Member can serve as one of the Panel members for the interview.

Candidates should satisfy the Panel of Interviewers with his/her competence and practical working experience in construction; as well as personal responsibilities to the society, employer, colleagues and collaborating partners.

The Interview may be conducted in English, Putonghua or Cantonese. However, due to the international nature of the construction profession in Hong Kong, Candidates are required to demonstrate their English proficiency and therefore part of the Interview will be conducted in English. The Interview will be of about 20 minutes duration.

Exemption from the Professional Interview may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Examination to Candidates who are registered “Technically Competent Person” with the Buildings Department of the HKSAR, or those who possess recognized equivalent qualifications for the purpose.

Application Procedure

Any Candidate desirous of being admitted as a Construction Supervisor Member shall sign and deliver to the Honorary Secretary a nomination in the form prescribed by the General Council signed by two members of the Institute. At least one of the nominators shall be a Corporate Member and the other can be a Construction Supervisor Member or above.

Application Form - Construction Supervisor Class

Application Form - Construction Supervisor (Minor Works) Class

Fees and Subscriptions

The current application, re-instatement and annual subscription fees are detailed in Section 7 of Membership Handbook.

An applicant for election to the Construction Supervisor Member class must submit, together with the application, the election application fee and the subscription fee. The subscription fee will only be charged by the Institute upon the successful election of the applicant. The election application fee, however, is non-refundable.

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