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Construction Managers Registration Regulations


In today’s high-tech and highly regulated building environment, the role of professional construction managers in ensuring the successful delivery of construction projects become more and more important. However, up to the present, construction management professionals in Hong Kong are not yet controlled and regulated under legislation.

For the good of the construction industry and the general public, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers recognized the need to set up its own registration system to regulate the registration and disciplinary control of the professional activities of construction managers.

Such registration system will register a list of Registered Construction Managers (RCM)  “註冊營造師”  that are assessed to have met stipulated minimum academic, professional and experience requirements. The list shall be made available to the public to ascertain whether a person is a RCM who is competence and practising in construction management practices. 

Establishment of The Regulations

The Construction Managers Registration Regulations (“the Regulations”) have been adopted as Bye-Laws by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers under Clause 10.3 of the Constitution at the AGM held on 19 December 2013 to provide for the registration of construction managers and disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered construction managers, and for related matters.

Objectives of Registration

The objectives for which the registration of construction managers is established are:

(a)To regulate the registration of and disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered construction managers;
(b)To provide professional recognition for competent construction professionals;
(c)To provide confidence by setting an identifiable benchmark in the competence of construction managers; and
(d)To raise standards in the management of the construction process.

Benefits of Registration

Industry:Registration of construction managers will provide professional recognition of the proficiency of experienced construction professionals and will enhance the recognition of professionalism in the construction industry. 
Clients: By employing registered Construction Managers responsible for the construction process, clients will have confidence that their projects are in competent hands because Registered Construction Managers will have achieved a reliable benchmark of ability and experience. 
Consultants:By specifying the involvement of Registered Construction Managers, consultants will have a greater degree of certainty of competent management of the construction process and confidence that their designs will be implemented as intended. 
If individuals are recognized as Registered Construction Managers, contractors can have a degree of confidence in the employment of such persons.
Contractors can use their in-house Registered Construction Managers to demonstrate their company’s professionalism and to gain market advantage. 
The title “Registered Construction Manager” or the initials “R.C.M.” provides distinctive professional recognition of experience, proficient and successful veteran construction professionals and describes a nationally identifiable benchmark.
Apart from recognition, this leads to improved self-motivation in the registered person on his or her own skills and competence.
Setting a high standard for the Registered Construction Manager will improve the level of professionalism in the industry.
Maintenance of the Register and annually renewable registration will ensure that standards are maintained.
By setting these standards, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers has set a benchmark to which Construction Managers can aspire as a means of demonstrating their professional competence to other professional industry groups and to the public at large.



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