Membership Classes

Associate Class [AHKICM]

Routes to Associate Class of Membership

There are 2 routes to the Associate Class of membership.

Eligibility for Admission or Transfer

To become an Associate Member of the Institute, whether by way of member upgrade or normal route, a Candidate must:

  • be at least of 23 years of age;
  • have obtained an accredited Higher Diploma or Higher Certificate or an acceptable equivalent as assessed by the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation, or other qualifications as detailed in Section 6 of Membership Handbook, in a construction related discipline; and
  • have received a minimum of two years of post-CS qualification relevant experience, OR training and/or working experience in the construction field in the HKSAR, or mainly in the HKSAR. Pre-qualification experience is acceptable but such acceptable experience is calculated as half of the number of the actual years of pre-qualification experience. The total number of years of acceptable pre-qualification experience should not be more than one year counted towards the two years of minimum required working experience.

Application Procedure

Any Candidate desirous of being admitted as an Associate shall sign and deliver to the Honorary Secretary a nomination in the form prescribed by the General Council signed by four Corporate Members of the Institute, at least one of whom shall be a Fellow.

Fees and Subscriptions

The current application, transfer, re-instatement and annual subscription fees are detailed in Section 7 of Membership Handbook.

An applicant for election to the class of Associate must submit, together with the application, the election application fee and the subscription fee. The subscription fee will only be charged by the Institute upon the successful election of the applicant. The election application fee, however, is non-refundable.

An applicant for transfer from the classes of Graduate or Student or Construction Supervisor to Associate must submit, together with the application, the transfer application fee and the difference in the subscription fees between the grades concerned. This difference will only be charged by the Institute upon the successful transfer of the membership. The transfer application fee, however, is non-refundable.

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