CM Registration Board

RCM Registration

Qualifications for Registration

The Board shall not register a person as a Registered Construction Manager unless:

(a)he is a Corporate Member of the Institute for not less than 2 years; and
(b)he satisfies the Board that he has had 2 years’ relevant professional experience in Hong Kong before the date of his application for registration; and
 (i)is an Authorized Person or a Registered Structural Engineer; or
 (ii)is a Registered Architect, Registered Professional Engineer (Building, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical or Structural) or Registered Professional Surveyor (Building or Quantity); or
 (iii)is an Authorized Signatory of a Registered General Building Contractor; or
 (iv)has obtained an Accredited Master Degree in Construction Management or equivalent recognized by the Board; or
 (v)has successfully passed the assessment upon completion of a designated Registration Construction Managers Top-up Course arranged by the Institute; and
(d)he is ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; and
(e)he is not the subject of an inquiry committee or a disciplinary order under Part IV which precludes him from being registered under these Regulations; and
(f)he satisfies the Board by declaration in writing that he is competent to practise in construction management; and
(g)he is a fit and proper person to be registered

Registration is valid for one year (runs from 1 April of current year to 31 March of the following year) and is renewable annually. A registration fee and annual fee are charged on every application and a Certificate of Registration or Renewal of Registration will be issued.

A person on the Register is entitled to describe himself as a “Registered Construction Manager” and to use the initials “R.C.M.”.

Application for Registration

(a)A person shall apply for registration as a Registered Construction Manager in such form and manner as the Board may specify.
(b)An applicant shall pay to the Board at the time of lodging his application the fee for an application for registration. 

Notes to Applicants

Application for registration as a Registered Construction Manager “RCM” is now open to all Corporate Members who meet the qualifications for registration under the Construction Managers Registration Regulations.

Deadline for submission of “RCM” application for 2022/23

1.   31 Jan 2023 (Monday) for Construction Managers Registration Board Meeting in February 2023.

2.   29 Jul 2023 (Friday) for Construction Managers Registration Board Meeting in August 2023.

<< All applications received later than submission deadline will be processed at the following next meeting >>

Annual Registration Fee and Application Fee

With immediate effect, the Annual Registration Fee and Application Fee for registration as a Registered Construction Manager (RCM) shall be as follows:

 (with effect from 22 Sep 2014)
RCM Annual Registration Fee   $300.00
RCM Application Fee $300.00

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