Membership Classes

Honorary Fellow [FHKICM (HON)] /
Fellow Class [FHKICM]


Fellow is the highest grade of membership of the Institute. As senior members of the profession, Fellows are in a position to make a major contribution to the affairs of the Institute on issues in the public interest, of a learned society nature, and in the setting of standards for qualification.

Route to Fellow Class of Membership

There are three routes to the Fellow Class of membership:

Eligibility for Admission or Transfer

(1) Honorary Fellow (without Voting Right) - By Invitation only

The Institute may, under very exceptional conditions, admit a distinguished construction professional to be an Honorary Fellow. Such a person will be of particular eminence, will have obtained an international reputation in their field, and possess some tangible recognition of eminence, such as a national honour or award, and in the opinion of the General Council, have rendered outstanding service to the Institute or the profession and who by means of either their position, experience or eminence may be able to render assistance in promoting the objects of the Institute. Such Honorary Membership are not entitled voting rights in the business of the Institute. 

The General Council may recommend any person as an Honorary Fellow at a General Meeting of the Institute. A person so recommended may be elected by a single majority of the Corporate Members present who are entitled to vote or exercise such right at the General Meeting.membership.

(2) Fellow Class (with Voting Rights) - By Transfer from the Member Class

To transfer to the Fellow Class of the Institute, the Candidate will normally:

  • be at least 35 years old; and
  • be a Member of the Institute or Corporate Members of other professional bodies of equal status; and
  • have been engaged in the profession having a minimum of 10 years recognized working experience, of which a minimum of 3 years in the HKSAR, since attaining Member grade of the Institute or Corporate membership of other designated pro­fessional bodies.

In addition to the position held by the Candidate at the time of application, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Employment Experience

    The proof of holding a position of considerable technical and/or managerial responsibility in the construction field and having a minimum of 10 years of recognized working experience.

  • Membership of Professional Bodies

    Membership of other professional bodies recognized by the Institute, the grade and the length of such membership.

  • Continuing Professional Development

    The extent of effort made towards continuing professional development.

  • Contribution to the Institute or Construction Field

    The extent of contribution made to the Institute’s activities and development, or noteworthy contribution to the construction field.

Membership Application Form - Fellow (By Transfer)

(3) Fellow Class (with Voting Rights) - By Direct Entry

Candidates who would normally meet the requirements for Corporate Membership of the Institute and who hold a prominent position in the construction field may apply for direct admission to the grade of Fellow.

Such Candidates for direct entry to the grade of Fellow, in addition to meeting the criteria for transfer from the Member Class (other than being a Member of the Institute), are required to have:

  • high education qualifications or fellowship of an approved professional institute; or
  • made some noteworthy contribution to the construction field; or
  • materially advanced the practice of construction from technical and/or managerial points of view.

The General Council may, at its discretion, require any Candidate seeking admission to be a Fellow to submit to a Professional Assessment to be conducted by a Panel of Professional Assessors duly authorized by the General Council for that purpose.

Membership Application Form - Fellow (By Direct Entry)

Professional Assessment

A Candidate seeking admission to the class of Fellow shall be required to attend a Professional Assessment, at the discretion of the General Council. The Professional Assessment, if so required, shall be conducted by a Panel of Professional Assessors delegated by the General Council for the purpose of assessing the extent to which a Candidate for the class of Fellow meets the admission requirements and to ascertain the quality of the Candidate’s technical and responsible experience within a recognized discipline in the construction field. Details of the Professional Assessment are given in Section 3 of Membership Handbook.

Application Procedure

Any Candidate desirous of being admitted as a Fellow shall sign and deliver to the Honorary Secretary a nomination in the form prescribed by the General Council signed by five Corporate Members, at least three of whom shall be Fellows.

Fees and Subscriptions

The current application, transfer, re-instatement and annual subscription fees are detailed in Section 7 of Membership Handbook. 

An applicant for election to the class of Fellow must submit, together with the application, the election application fee and the subscription fee. The subscription fee will only be charged by the Institute upon successful election of the applicant. The election application fee, however, is non-refundable. 

An applicant for transfer from the Member Class to the Fellow Class must submit, together with the application, the transfer application fee and, the difference between the Fellow subscription fee and the Member subscription fee. This difference will only be charged by the Institute upon the successful transfer of membership. The transfer application fee, however, is non-refundable.

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