Conduct & Competence

HKICM develops and enforces leading profession principles to protect consumers and businesses, ensuring the highest level of professionalism is employed across the built and construction environment.
Our Professional Conduct Rules, Ethics and Standard, and Practice lay out the ethical, conduct and competence expected for members of HKICM. By working to our rules and guidelines, professional members deliver confidence. We ensure these rules are upheld by our members through a system of independently led regulation.
We also provide additional information, resources and training to support professionals in understanding the rules and remaining compliant.

Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
Professional Conduct Rules, Ethics and Standard, and Practice


Every Member shall:


Professional Conduct Rules

  • fulfill and take their professional responsibilities and the duties full regard for the public interest.
  • demonstrate a level of competence of membership class.
  • act with integrity and promote trust to uphold and enhance the dignity, standing and regulations of the Institute.
  • not prejudice their professional status or the reputation of the Institute.
  • undertake work in a country other than their own shall observe these Rules as they are applicable.


Professional Ethics and Standard

  • not divulge to any person, firm or company any information of a confidential nature relating to the business activities or processes of their employer
  • not, without the permission of their employer or client, render any services, which conflicts with the interests between employers etc.
  • act, provide advisory services which are fair and unbiased.
  • undertake any other construction-related activity in accordance with good practice and current standards and in compliance with all statutory and contractual requirements.
  • at no time improperly offer or accept gifts or favours
  • not undertake work for which they knowingly lack sufficient professional or technical competence, or the adequate resources to meet their obligation.
  • only use the distinguishing letters of membership
  • not, unless Corporate Members be permitted to use the logo
  • provide advisory services which is required to obtain professional indemnity insurance
  • undertake the construction related activity be required to maintain insurances and indemnify their client
  • not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation
  • keep themselves informed of current thinking and developments appropriate to the type and level of their responsibility.
  • only advertise their services in accordance with the conditions set out in these Rules of Conduct, Ethics and Standard and Practice
  • at all times have due regard for the safety, health and welfare of themselves and colleagues of the following:
    1. knowledge of the health and safety risks in the industry and the main principles and strategies for control.
    2. understanding of the responsibilities for safety, health and welfare placed on all parties involved in the building process.
    3. working knowledge of current legislation and advisory information.
    4. recognition of the importance of keeping themselves up to date.


Professional Practice

  • when acting for a client or when in contemplation of acting for a prospective client whose interests conflict or may conflict with his own, or those of any of their associates, disclose the relevant facts forthwith to the client or prospective client.
  • ensure that neither they personally nor any firm or company carrying on practice of which they are a partners or directors act for two or more parties with conflicting interests without disclosing the relevant facts to each of those parties forthwith and confirming such disclosure in writing at the earliest opportunity.



HKICM Professional Services

Version: 5 August 2023


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