CPD Talk: Digital Twins for Asset Life Cycle Management and the Updated Technology for Capturing Digital Twins Data

24 May 2021
CPD Code:CPD20210524S
Organized:Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (HKICM)
Date:24 May 2021 (Monday)
Time:7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Venue:Online Media Platform - Webex

Mr Stephen AU

  • Founder & Managing Director, MTECH Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • Contract Manager, Delta Pyramax Engineering Ltd.
Language:Cantonese supplemented by English
Priority:HKICM Member; First-come, first-served
Enrollment Fee:Member: HK$150.00
Non-member: HK$180.00
Deadline:10 May 2021 (Monday)
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Program Highlights:

The core beauty of Digital Twin lies in enabling the actual performance of the building to be assessed against the predicted performance, allowing building systems to be honed appropriately or feedback to be provided for future projects.

Being a digital replica of a building or part of a building, a Digital Twin can mirror how the actual building performs. The Digital Twin can be as simple as an electrical or mechanical system model available for digital testing, or can be as complex as a completely workable digital building. To facilitate asset management tasks, the Digital Twin should be updated over the course of the building’s life, whenever changes are made to the building.

This session illustrates future perspectives on digital engineering in buildings with respect to the services delivered using Digital Twins, which will drive the level of user centricity in buildings. Methodology, best practices and knowhow in creating Digital Twins of new and existing buildings, connecting to the AMS system through BIM, laser scanning, DWSS, AR/VR technology in respect to sustainability and lean construction will be covered.

To further enhance the overall efficiency and accuracy while using Digital Twins as an asset life cycle management tool, the technology of capturing data for the Digital Twins is of equal importance. Data capturing has always been a concern due to the time spent and the ability to provide quality data. With swift improvements in technologies, it is time to rethink about mobile mapping versus station mapping.

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a computational problem which allows constructing or updating a map of an unknown environment while keeping track of an agent’s location at the same time.

SLAM in mobile scanning will be discussed in this session along with how can it be applied to construction industry as well as why mobile scanning is beneficial for surveyors and site management teams. Cases on how 3D building scanning can be adopted into construction projects and BIM assets will be shared.


Important Notes:

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