The Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers and Hong Kong Construction Association Joint Conference 2021

29 November 2021

Rising Challenges ‧ Embracing Change

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (HKICM) and Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) Joint Conference 2021 was successfully held on Tuesday 23 November 2021, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Themed “Rising Challenges‧Embracing Change”, the Conference was well received by about 230 distinguished guests and delegates, including government officials, industry leaders and scholars both locally and from overseas as well as representatives of associations and HKICM members to explore the prospects and emerging trends of the construction industry from multiple perspectives. 

New technologies are being developed and deployed by the construction industry as it enters a digital era. Exploring challenges, prospects and emerging trends of the industry under a new normal at the Conference, HKICM and HKCA aim to lead the industry beyond the boundary of existing technologies and explore further opportunities to bring revolution to the industry.

Group Photo of the Conference Organizing Committee with Speakers, Moderators and Panelists
Group Photo of the Conference Organizing Committee

The Conference was opened by the Guest of Honour Ir LAU Chun-kit, Ricky, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In his opening keynote speech, Ir LAU mentioned that the Development Bureau (DEVB) will collaborate with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to lead the industry to implement and pilot “Construction 2.0” in public projects. The three key elements of “Innovation”, “Professionalization” and “Revitalization” will be introduced in works contract requirements, such as requiring the digitization of site management and the adoption of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to enhance construction regulation and quality assurance.

Opening Keynote Speech by Guest-of-Honour Ir LAU Chun-kit Ricky, JP

Cr ZA Wai-gin, Tony, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers mentions, “The Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the past 25 years, HKICM has acted as a platform for knowledge exchange, experience sharing, and provision of continuous professional development for our members. Through this Conference, we hope delegates will get a grip on the innovations in the industry and administer construction projects with improved quality and cost effectiveness. HKICM is advocating for the Government’s soonest adoption of the ‘Registration of Professional Construction Managers’ regime, which will not only enhance assurance of construction supervision and quality but will also incentivize the entry of younger professionals into the industry.”

Welcome Remarks by Cr Za Wai-gin, Tony,
HKICM President
Welcome Remarks by Sr LAM Kin-wing, Eddie,
HKCA President

Sr LAM Kin-wing, Eddie, President of Hong Kong Construction Association mentions, “We are increasingly seeing more new technologies due to the advancement of science and technology in recent years. Showcasing new technologies used in construction projects at the Conference, we hope delegates will be inspired to raise their efficiency with new technologies while maintaining a high service quality that meets stipulated professional benchmarks.”

The conference comprised four sessions, namely “Challenges in the Construction Industry”, “New Trends and Advanced Technology Applications”, “Adaptions in Hong Kong”, and “Strengthen the Role of Construction Managers and Promote Professionalism.” The organizers were privileged to host 10 industry leaders and scholars from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and France, who delivered speeches about the latest industry advancements at the Conference. Each of the sessions were followed by a well-received panel discussion led by a total of 16 industry professionals as follows.

Session 1: Challenges in the Construction Industry

  • “The Sowed Seeds” by Mr CHAN Ka-kui, SBS, JP (Chairman, Construction Industry Council)
  • “Believe it, or Leave It – Transforming for a Better Future” by Ms HO Wing-yin, Winnie, JP (Director of Architectural Services, Architectural Services Department, HKSARG)
  • Panel discussion moderated by Ms HO Wing-yin, Winnie, JP with panelists Mr CHAN Ka-kui, SBS, JP, Mr David M.H. FONG (Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co Ltd, Ir Wes JONES (Managing Director of Dragages Hong Kong Ltd)

Session 2: New Trends and Advanced Technology Applications

  • “Digitalisation & Big Data: Connecting Our World” by Mr Nicolas BRAUD, Innovation & Big Data (Director of Bouygues Travaux Publics Dragages France; Mr Etienne FAYETTE (Head of Digital, Innovation and Transformation Dragages Hong Kong Ltd); and Mr Steven WANG (Digitalization & Innovative Manager, CKR-CT Project (Hong Kong) Dragages Hong Kong Ltd)
  • “North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre” by Ir Danny C.S. HUNG (Executive Director & President of China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd)
  • “New Technology and Application” by Mr Zhen LIU (Vice President of Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co., Ltd)
  • Panel Discussion moderated by Ir Dr P. L. NG (Senior Manager of Hip Hing Construction Company Ltd) with panelists Mr Etienne FAYETTE, Mr Steven WANG, Ir Danny C.S. HUNG, Mr Zhen LIU, and Mr Andy HO (Managing Director of Nexplore Hong Kong Ltd)

Session 3: Adaptions in Hong Kong

  • “Adaptation of New Technologies in Tung Chung East Reclamation” by Mr IP Wai-man, Raymond (Deputy Head of Sustainable Lantau Office (Works) Civil Engineering and Development Department Sustainable Lantau Office, HKSARG)
  • “When Industry 4.0 Meets Construction 2.0” by Mr Simon WONG Yuk-sun (Chief Project Development Officer Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)
  • Panel Discussion moderated by Prof Kelvin S. K. WONG (Head of Department, Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong) with panelists Mr IP Wai-man, Raymond, Mr Simon WONG Yuk-sun, Ir Dr Mckey HO (Senior Structural Engineer, Housing Authority – R&D Department), and Mr CHOI Wun-hing, Donald (Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem Group)

Session 4: Strengthen the Role of Construction Managers and Promote Professionalism

  • “Now and Then: Managing Construction Projects with Tomorrow’s Tech” by Mr Francesco TIZZANI (Head of Digital Engineering of Leighton Asia)
  • “Upholding Our Construction Industry: Professionalism & Innovation” by Ir Eric S.C. MA, GBS, JP (Chief Executive Officer of NWS Holdings Ltd)
  • “Shaping the Professionals of the Built Environment Industry” by Dr Sussie KETIT (President of Singapore Institute of Building Ltd)
  • Panel Discussion moderated by Ir Barry SIN (Director of Leighton Contractors (Asia) Ltd) & Vice-President (Building) of Hong Kong Construction Association), with panelists Ir Eric S.C. MA, Cr Math CHAN (Chairman of HKICM Young Members Committee), Ir Andy WONG (Chairman of HKCA Young Members Society), Ms Phyllis CHEN (Construction Manager Winner of The Construction Management Awards 2020), and Miss Michele LUI (Hip Hing Construction Company Ltd)

The speakers shared their experience and insights with the audience through a positive and interactive dialogue. It is a dynamic and successful event smoothly closed by Cr Alfred TANG, Task Force Chairman, HKICM/HKCA Joint Conference 2021.

Session 1 Speaker: Mr CHAN Ka-kui, SBS, JP
Session 1 Speaker & Moderator:
Ms HO Wing-yin Winnie, JP

Session 2 Speaker:
Mr Etienne FAYETTE and Mr Steven WANG
Session 2 Speaker: Ir Danny C.S. HUNG
Session 2 Speaker: Mr Zhen LIU
Session 2 Moderator: Ir Dr P.L. NG (Middle)
Session 3 Speaker: Mr IP Wai-man, Raymond
Session 3 Speaker: Mr WONG Yuk-sun, Simon
Session 3 Moderator: Prof Kelvin S.K. WONG (Left)
Session 4 Speaker: Mr Francesco TIZZANI
Session 4 Speaker: Ir Eric S.C. MA, GBS, JP
Session 4 Speaker: Dr Sussie KETIT
Session 4 Moderator: Ir Barry SIN
Closing Remarks by Cr Alfred TANG,
Task Force Chairman

To download the conference flyer, proceedings and event photos, please click the links below:


Conference Proceedings

Photo Albums

HKICM Secretariat
29 November 2021

Important Notes:

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