Technology Sharing: Satellite Chips and roles of Semiconductors

13 December 2023

In recent years, low earth orbit satellite technology has become a crucial area of global research. The popular saying “whoever controls low earth orbit controls the world” highlights the technology’s far-reaching impact on the future.

ASTRI has invited three industry experts to analyse the latest breakthroughs in satellite chips, space computing and communication network technology. These advancements are expected to bring about a revolutionary transformation, offering new business opportunities in the market.  

Details are as follows:

Date: 13 Dec 2023 (Wed)
Time: 2:30pm – 4:05pm
Language: Cantonese / Mandarin
Mode: Hybrid (In-person or Online via Zoom)
Registration: Technology Sharing: Satellite Chips and roles of Semiconductors (

Important Notes:

  1. This is an online pre-registration only and the seat reserved will only be confirmed by an e-mail sent to the successful registrant in due course upon receipt of the registration fee.
  2. The talk will be conducted online via Zoom. Successful registrants will be notified separately via email with the meeting ID in due course to the online event . 
  3. Information collected, including name, phone number, email address and postal address, will only be used for the purpose of processing booking or general enquires related to HKICM, and will be treated in confidence and not be disclosed to any other party. 
  4. HKICM reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.

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