President's Message

Dear Members,

With great honour and pride, I’m delighted to be re-elected as President of Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (“Institute” or “HKICM”) for the Council Year 2017/18.  This allows me to have another year to finish up the targets that I have set upon my first inauguration in December 2016.
In pursuance of our vision and objectives, the Institute had a very good session of 2016/17 which was indeed extremely fulfilling and fruitful. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Council & Co-opted Members and Secretariat staff for their hard work and contribution for the success and achievement of the Institute accomplished last year.
With the continual support from our members, I’m confident that the Institute will have many great years to come. The followings are the highlight of the tasks that we have planned to work for the upcoming year: -

1. To maintain a steady growth of membership via a comprehensive membership drive campaign, including extension of the existing Direct Membership Referral Scheme and Member Get Member Scheme. In addition, continuous career/promotional talks and briefings will be conducted to students of universities, vocational and other educational institutions.
2. To continue enhancing the professional, public image and social status of construction management profession via promotion of the registration schemes of Construction Managers and Construction Supervisors as well as promoting the construction management excellence by organization of international conferences and Construction Management Awards.
3. To further expand our participation in the advisory services of strategy, guidance, regulation and policy making for the industry’s development with stakeholders especially government bodies, to express our members’ views via the newly established “Public and Social Affairs Committee”.
4. To maintain closer relationships and dialogue with various government bureaux, departments and public authorities in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China via courtesy visits, lunch meetings and causal gatherings.
5. To enhance closer relationship and collaboration with peer professional organizations both locally and overseas, construction trade associations, local authorities and agents and other related organizations by participating in organized conferences, events and activities to widen our horizon.
6. To establish closer relationship and collaboration with universities and other education institutions by accrediting their construction related courses as well as granting annual scholarship awards, promoting the image of the Institute and construction management profession, providing guidance and assistance as mentors and industrial advisors/tutors to the students.
7. To organize more seminars, technical visits and training courses to cope with the implementation of the new CPD policy since 1 April 2017 so as to allow our members to achieve higher competence and performance in serving the local construction industry.  In addition, a training series on construction management practice in the forms of experience sharing CPDs and short courses will also be organized.
8. To promote work life balance among members, the Institute has newly formed a Sports Committee to oversee matters relating to the provision of all recreational, charity and community activities to members as value added member services.
9. To continue in pursuance of statutory professional recognition from the Hong Kong Government and our mainland counterparts.

With the consistent effort of the new General Council and the support of members, I firmly believe that the Institute will maintain its role as one of the leading stakeholders in the construction industry and will be marching into a new horizon and attaining statutory recognition of the construction management profession in Hong Kong.
Lastly, as the Chinese New Year is approaching, l would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous Year of the Dog and Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Best regards,
Cr TANG Chi-wang
President, GC 2017/18
18 January 2018
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