President's Message

Dear Members,

The past three months were filled with happenings and events.
In this 1st message of 2018, I would like to update you on some selected achievements of the Institute in the 1st Quarter 2018 and the major activities we are heading for the remaining year.

(1) Membership
  As a result of the membership drive campaign carried out during last year, including “Direct Membership Referral Scheme” and “Member-Get-Member Programme” which had all been extended for one year up to end of December 2018, our membership has increased to a record high of 2,565, of which 1,138 are Corporate Members (including Fellows and Members) as at 31 March 2018. For the remaining year, continuous career/promotional talks and briefings on the introduction of HKICM and Construction Supervisors Registration System will be conducted to students of various education institutions.
(2) CPD and Training
  Thanks to the hard works of CPD & Training Committee, a record high of totaling 28 CPD and training events have been organized last year. Up to the end of 1st Quarter 2018, a total of 6 CPD seminars, technical visit and training events have already been organized by the Institute.
According to the year plan of CPD & Training Committee, well over 30 CPD and training events have been scheduled for 2018, including the training series on “Professional Practices in Construction Management” which will be in the forms of CPD seminars and experience sharing talks to enhance the construction practitioners on their practical knowledge in construction.
  In addition, two technical visits will be arranged:
  - Technical Visit to Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge in Zhuhai, PRC scheduled on 27 April 2018 by invitation only; and
  - Technical Visit to Greater Bay Area (Guangdong Province) scheduled on 17 ~ 19 May 2018 and members are welcome to join.
(3) Education and Academic/Professional Accreditation
  During the period, accreditation visit was carried out on 17 January 2018 for validation of the accreditation application of UCEM’s newly established programme – MSc in International Construction Project Management (FHEQ Level 7).
An agreement was reached between HKICM and CABE to renew the existing MoU for another 2 years and a signing ceremony of the MoU was held on 8 January 2018 during CABE President’s visit to Hong Kong. Under the renewed MoU, the existing agreement for HKICM members to join CABE membership at a grade commensurate with their HKICM membership level via the agreed CABE Membership “Direct Entry Route” for HKICM Members shall remain unchanged.
In addition, a courtesy visit was paid to communicate and touch-base with Macau Institution of Engineers (AEM) on 3 January 2018. It was agreed in principle to establish a MOU on co-operation between the two institutions in enhancing the professionalism of engineering and construction management as well as the built environment in Hong Kong and Macao respectively.
(4) External Relationship
  During the period, a courtesy visit was paid to the Occupation Safety & Health Council at its Tsing Yi Occupation Safety & Health Academy on 13 March 2018. Courtesy visits to other relevant government bureaus, departments and authorities as well as peer professional institutions and associations during the year may include:
  - Guangdong Construction Industry Association (scheduled on 17 May 2018 and MoU between the two organizations will be signed)
  - 3 LegCo Councillors, including Abraham SHEK Lai-him, LO Wai-kwok and Tony TSE Wai-chuen (tentatively during may & June 2018)
  - Labour Department (to be held during June 2018)
  - Others, including Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Urban Renewal Authority, Macau Construction Association and Constructor Committee of China Construction Industry Association in Beijing, PRC (during latter half of 2018)
(5) Promoting Construction Management Excellence - Construction Management Award (“CMA)
  The CMA 2018 Awards Briefing Session was successfully held on 27 February 2018 to better equip those participants who are keen to participate in the Awards. In addition, a luncheon meeting of all the jurors together with the Organizing Committee Chairmen and members of CMA 2018 was fruitfully held on 26 March 2018. CMA 2018 nominations are now officially opened and will close on 29 June 2018.
(6) Professional Services
  The 6th in-take of the Half-day Elite Course on “Final Preparation before Authorized signatory (AS) Interview”, organized by the Authorized Signatory Committee, was successfully held on 13 January 2018. Response was overwhelming and well received by some 40 participants and guests.
A quick survey, organized by the Dispute Resolution Committee, on members' (i) basic knowledge in various forms of dispute resolution mechanisms and practical experience in the dispute resolution processes, and (ii) preference in different dispute resolution topics will be conducted in April 2018 to facilitate the formulation of upcoming training and CPD events in dispute resolution.
(7) Social Events and Activities
  A spring gathering cum photo-taking session of the new General Council 2017/18 was successfully held on 27 January 2018. In addition, the Institute, as a member of Construction Industry Alliance (CIA), has supported and participated in its anti-filibustering rally on 4 March 2018.

Thanks again to all the members for their unstinting support to HKICM.

Best regards,

Cr TANG Chi-wang
President, GC 2017/18
18 April 2018
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