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According to HKICM Bye-Laws 7.4.3, members whose membership have lapsed through non-payment of dues and who now seek re-instatement to their previous class of membership are required to pay:




a Reinstatement Fee (non-refundable), including:
(i)    the current “Application Fee”, plus
(ii)   an overdue amount (equivalent to the current "Annual Subscription")
for the desired re-instatement class of membership;
(b) the current "Annual Subscription" applicable to the class of membership to be re-instated (to be charged upon successful of re-instatement).
* Please issue two cheques, which shall be made payable to "Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers", to cover (a) and (b) separately.


《All re-instatements of membership are subject to the discretion of the General Council》


   Membership Reinstatement Form  ( pdfWords Version )