Established in 1997, Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers ("Institute" or "HKICM") is the only local professional institution representing the construction management profession in Hong Kong. As of 1 January 2019, the number of HKICM members reached 2,902, of which 1,148 were Corporate Members (including Fellows and Members).

Our History

Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers, Limited (renamed from The Hong Kong Institute of Builders, Limited since 7 July 2000) was officially inaugurated on 5 May 1997 before return of Hong Kong to China's sovereignty under the auspices of The Society of Builders, Hong Kong (established since 1961) with over 600 construction professionals as founding members to foster for systematic enhancement of the quality and complexity in construction management.

Our Objectives

The Institute was established to promote professional excellence in the management of both building and civil works. Our objectives are to secure the advancement and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and expertise which constitutes and promotes the practice of and professionalism in construction management.

Our Works

The works of the Institute include setting standards for professional services and performance, establishing rules of conduct, determining requirements for admission as Registered Construction Managers and Construction Supervisors as well as encouraging members to upgrade skills through continuing professional development.
The Institute has been playing an active and responsive role of consultation to the Government in its policy making process, particularly to those topics related to the construction industry and on issues affecting the construction management profession. In addition, the Institute also plays an important advisory role in the government and statutory bodies as we have been invited to nominate representatives to sit in their boards/committee/panels to give expert advises on relevant construction related policies and issues.
Besides contributing our professional views and opinions to public affairs, the Institute also cared about the community and contributed to the construction industry with our expertise by providing professional and community services through our members to various government bureaus and departments, public authorities and councils as well as the public at large.

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